It's Me Again ... Only Better

by Suzy Toronto

Its 20 years now since my diagnosis. The encounter with cancer has provided me with so many wonderful experiences and opportunities.



I fought the battle and won.


Now I'm back and better than ever.


For cancer has been a mirror

held up in front of me.


It forced me to take

a good look at myself.


And bluntly asked

"Where are you going?"


It made me redefine my priorities.


Teaching me that it really is the little things that make life sweet.


It gave me the vision to see

angels walking among us. Calling themselves friends and family


They touched my life deeper than

I ever dreamed possible.


Cancer asked me to embrace

the change in myself;


The change that forced me to grow and become the person I always wanted to be but never seemed to have the time to achieve.


Change always involves risk.


Stepping from the known

into the unknown.


I had to embrace uncertainty and accept that I was not in control.


It's been the ultimate

test of my character.


Forcing me to trust my heart

and reach deep inside.






I never knew I had.


I came to realize that even though

I had cancer 

I was never a victim.


I am a survivor in





and always will be.


Even if that test

takes me to my

last breath.


Cancer truly is a defining moment,

a moment that made me

redefine the impossible.


And since I did,

nothing will ever be the same again ..................


it will be better


And embrace change

I did.


I definitely stepped from the known into the unknown.


Learning to ride a motorbike was truly the ultimate test of my character.


Learning not to give up forced me to grow and enabled me to do something I never thought I would.