Pink is the colour of many a thing

A bright cheerful colour that we are often in

But many an item or object is pink

So we sat around and had a good think

Pink is a pimple, penis or nipple

Pink is the colour of my bellies ripple

Pink is a sunset ready to rise

Pink is your face when you go up a size

Pink is a colour that can be worn by a King

Pink is the colour of my nice G String

Pink is the flowers grown in the sun

Pink is the body after a run

Pink is the lips of all of us here

Pink is a face after a beer

Pink is the colour even worn by the Blokes




Pink is our ribbon

Our breast symbol of hope


P - is for person, personality and pride

I - is for individuals facing a tough ride

N - is for NEVER giving up the fight

K - is for the kindness needed during this plight


So, pink you so much for joining us here

with all of your help we'll give it a fight

Times can get tough and all we can hope

If we get a second chance we come back a BLOKE