Only Yesterday


'It seems like only yesterday
my doctor told me I had cancer,
and when I asked, "How long do I have?"
He didn't have an answer.

And it seemed to me that time stood still
and the room turned upside down.
Life just stop and I stared at him
and I didn't hear a sound.

And a thousand years flashed by my eyes as I thought of all I'd miss,
Of the laughs and smiles of those I loved
and my son and daughters kiss.

And I realized right then and there
the time I had wasted,
of all the things I'd never done
and all the life untasted.

And I thought of all the silly things
that occupied our day,
like the stupid fight we had last night
over bills we had to pay.

Well, years have come and gone
and I'm still at The Dance.
I guess God just changed his mind
and gave me another chance.


And on that day I took a vow,
I would let go of the past,
To live my life and love each day
as if it were my last.

For only God can know these things
the day, the hour, the time,
but on this day I am alive
and all the world is mine.'